Attaining Yoga (Union) with God


Every soul yearns for permanent inner bliss and peace, but few truly understand that the root cause of these virtuous feelings can only be found within us.  Embark on a sacred journey of self-discovery, transformation, divinity, and inner silence.  Learn to cool the fires of the restless mind with the blissful breeze of meditative consciousness.  Spiritual yogic training for enlightenment is the way. 

"Sat" means "absolute truth", and "sang" means "company".  So Satsang means to be in the company of Absolute Truth.  Yoga means union with our divinity, union with God.  In these sacred sessions, Rishi Shyamsundar guides us to experience our divinity through yogic meditations, self-realization techniques, chanting of mantras, training the mind in concentration, pranayama (controlling our life force), and learning how to live our daily lives in the wisdom of spiritual integrity (dharma).  During these powerful yogic processes, Rishi Shyamsundar also offers Shaktipat, the timeless sacred transmission of Guru's blessings that awakens our Kundalini, leads us to higher states of enlightened consciousness, reconnects us with our divinity and reunites us with God.  Practiced daily these sacred processes can transform your life with profound physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wholeness through Self-realizations of profound inner wisdom. 

Whether you've been on a spiritual journey for years, or have never been on the journey before, you will leave feeling rejuvenated, empowered, peaceful, blissful, and inwardly enlightened.  We welcome you to read the experiences of others: Testimonials

Please Note: Until Rishi Shyamsundar finds another suitable location for a temple, Satsangs are offered via telephone only.  Once you register, please call the phone number below To honor the sanctity of each session, please arrive with an open heart that's ready to receive and sincerely willing to participate in the sacred process.  All participants are asked to be in a quiet meditative environment, where they can relax completely without any noise or distractions.  Participation with full awareness is necessary for the flowering of our inner space. 

Please call at least 5 minutes before each session so that we're ready for Rishi Shyamsundar when he arrives to offer us this divine service.


Yoga for Enlightenment




Atma Kriya Meditation

(Atma Kriya initiates only)

1st Tuesday of every month




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