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What are Sacred Pujas?

A Puja is an ancient Vedic ritualistic worship of God performed to keep us in harmony with cosmic forces, thereby removing and overcoming the difficulties in life and bringing spiritual and material upliftment. Through puja, spiritual vibrations are created around and within us. These spiritual forces work to eliminate the negative influences in our life and help surround us with powerful divine blessings which can bring us peace of mind, inner and outer healing, prosperity, and divine states of consciousness that enable us to connect with the divinity within us. 

Various pujas were gifted by the Rishis (mystic sages) of India to profoundly affect our lives and our environment.  Some pujas like Ganesha Pujas can bless us to remove obstacles in our lives and bless us with success.  Sri Yantra Pujas (Divine Mother Pujas) can bless us with spiritual and material wealth.  Narayana Pujas can bless us with peace and enlightenment.  Rishi Shyamsundar offers a variety of pujas that cover the most important aspects of our lives.  When you sponsor a puja, you receive powerful divine blessings created by these sacred processes.

When you register for a puja, you can include up to 4 members of your immediate family, for a total of 5 registrants including yourself.  When registering please be sure to include the full names of your family members in the "4 Immediate Family Members" section of Paypal below, no later than 2 hours before the session.  Due to the nature of this sacred event, if the registrant does not list the family members to be included or registers their names later than 2 hour before the start of the puja, God will choose the 4 immediate family members that need it the most, in addition to the registrant.  Please note that the immediate family members can only include the father, mother, siblings, children, spouse/significant other, and grandparents of the registrant.  It cannot include the family of your spouse/significant other, or other family members such as uncles, aunts, cousins, friends, etc.  Non-qualifying family members will not receive the benefit of the puja even if they are listed below.  Up to 2 immediate family pets can also be included in addition to your 4 family members (please list their names too). 

Since we live in a world full of obstacles and opposing forces that give rise to constant negative karmic conditions, Rishi Shyamsundar recommends sponsoring pujas on a regular basis so that we can continue to harmonize our lives and those of our loved ones through the protection of God's Grace, and continue to receive the benefits of the pujas each month.  Even when things are going well in our lives, it is a good preventive measure to accumulate merit to ensure a better tomorrow.  So that even if negative karma does arise, it is greatly diminished by these pujas.  If karmic problems have already ripen in your life, these pujas can help diminish and even remove those obstacles.  Pujas are a great gift from God which serve us and our family in a most auspicious way. 

Sacred Pujas are offered once a month on full moon or auspicious days.  Your sponsorship below will include Ganesha Puja, Narayana Puja, Sri Yantra Puja,  and any additional pujas Rishi Shyamsundar feels are beneficial for that time of the year.  Please visit our Calendar for puja dates.

Please Note: To honor the sanctity of each session, please arrive with an open heart that's ready to receive and sincerely willing to participate in the sacred process.  All participants are asked to be in a quiet meditative environment, completely devoted to the process, where they can relax completely without distractions.  Participation with full awareness is necessary for the flowering of our inner space. 

Please call at least 5 minutes before each session so that we're ready for Rishi Shyamsundar when he arrives to offer this divine process.


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