Divine Healing Sessions


In these divine sessions, Rishi Shyamsundar offers the blessings of Medicine Buddha and Sri Krishna to purify karma, blockages, negativities, and disharmonies in our 5 koshas (physical, energetic, mental, intellectual, and bliss bodies).  As God's Light blesses and purifies us on all levels, we can experience higher states of consciousness including compassion, bliss, peace, love, happiness, wisdom, divinity, and inner & outer healing.  Every experience is deeply personal and unique each time.  We welcome you to read the experiences of others: Testimonials.

Please Note: To honor the sanctity of each session, please arrive with an open heart that's ready to receive and sincerely willing to participate in the sacred process.  All participants are asked to be in a quiet meditative environment where they can relax completely and lay down without any noise or distractions Full participation with awareness is necessary for the flowering of our inner space. 

All sessions are offered via telephone only.  Once you register, please call the phone number below When registering a loved one or pet, please be sure to include their full name in the "Name of Loved One or Pet" section of Paypal below, no later than 2 hours before the session.

Please call at least 5 minutes before each session so that we're ready for Rishi Shyamsundar when he arrives to offer this divine service.



Once a Month

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Telephone: (213) 992-5074

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