Darshan means "to see and behold God".  Rishi Shyamsundar defines it as "abiding in the presence of God." 

On July 4, 2006, after he had just offered initiations as a gift to his disciples for his birthday, Rishi Shyamsundar chanted and meditated intensely on his beloved Lord Krishna.  Suddenly, the glorious Sri Krishna appeared to Rishi Shyamsundar and revealed how to transmit the holy Light blessings of any form of God to bless humanity (Shaktipat).  Lord Krishna then dissolved into Light, entered through Rishi Shyamsundar's crown, and dissolved into him.  Immediately, Rishi Shyamsundar saw a multitude of God's forms appear before him, including various forms of Divine Mother, Christ, Buddha, Ganesha, Shiva, Medicine Buddha, and many divine emanations, who one by one, dissolved into Light and entered into Rishi Shyamsundar's body.  He describes this sacred experience as intense blissful downloads of Shakti (God's power).  Due to Rishi Shyamsundar's deep love for God, intense sadhana, and sincere service to humanity, from that day forward, Rishi Shyamsundar was given the divine gift to bless others with the Shakti of God.  It was a divine experience of God's grace, an initiation from Sri Narayana Krishna himself.  From that day forward, Rishi Shyamsundar was given a profound gift to bless humanity through any divine manifestation of God that he requests bless through him.  Thus no matter what spiritual tradition the disciple comes from, Rishi Shyamsundar is able to offer blessings according to the personal aspect of God most meaningful to that soul.   

Rishi Shyamsundar offers this blessed gift of Darshan free of charge to all sincere seekers of God, of all faiths and spiritual traditions. 

Please Note: This service is solely for the sake of attaining and experiencing God.  This is not a healing session nor will this session manifest materialistic desires.  Please arrive with a pure heart and a pure motivation that longs for God only.  To honor the sanctity of each session, please arrive with an open heart that's ready to receive and sincerely willing to participate in the sacred process.  All participants are asked to be in a quiet meditative environment, completely devoted to the process, where they can relax completely without any noise or distractions.

Please call at least 5 minutes before each session so that we're ready for Rishi Shyamsundar when he arrives to offer this divine gift.



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